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Building a New Porch

reformule: Building a new porch for a client? The Sunspace process couldn’t be easier. Here are five basic steps for creating the porch of their dreams with Sunspace Porch Windows.
If you have blueprints or drawings of the new porch design, send them our way to get the conversation rolling on options and pricing packages.
After our initial discussion, we can schedule a convenient time for you and/or your client to visit our showroom. There, you can explore our product displays, address any additional inquiries, and gain a better understanding of our offerings.
At this stage, we can proceed with finalizing product selections, colors, and other customizable options. Once these decisions are made, we can secure a slot on our production schedule for your project.
Before the installation, one of our representatives will visit your client’s home to ensure accurate measurements and discuss installation details. Once this step is complete, we can proceed with ordering your custom-made products and schedule an installation date. Typically, the installation takes place approximately 4-5 weeks from the date of order placement.
The final step is installation, which is typically completed in one day.

Frame Colors and Vinyl Tint Options

Sunspace Porch Windows are available in seven frame colors and four vinyl tint options to match your style.

Window Sizing, Framing, & Trim Details

Sunspace Porch Windows feature a 1″ flange surrounding the edges, necessitating a flat exterior surface that is at least 1″ thick. Ensure that the top and bottom of the framing are examined to confirm the presence of suitable support for the flanges, aligning them with the vertical posts. When installing windows side by side, there should be a minimum of 2″ of framing separating them. However, we do provide mulled units of double and triple wide windows, spanning up to 12′ in width, which eliminate the need for interior framing within the opening

Single Window Unit

3D representation of a window V4T Single - Sunspace Sunrooms
Height: 42″ to 108″
Width: 12″ to 54″

Double Window Unit

3D representation of a window V4T Double - Sunspace Sunrooms
Height: 42″ to 108″
Width: 54″ to 108″

Triple Window Unit

3D representation of a window V4T Triple - Sunspace Sunrooms

Height: 42″ to 108″
Width: 76″ to 144″

Typical Application

Windows can be installed between posts without the need for interior or exterior trim. We take precise measurements to ensure a tight fit and minimize gaps. Usually, we deduct 1/4″ from the rough opening, creating a 1/8″ gap on all four sides, which can be sealed using the provided caulking. In this scenario, we would install the windows using color-matched screws for a polished exterior appearance.
Typical installation schema : Windows have a 2” jamb depth and 1” of frame visible inside.

Other Applications

Option 1: Windows can be mounted onto rough framing or sheathing, followed by the application of interior trim after window installation. Exterior trim can be placed over the window flanges. For this method, we will use flat head screws to secure the windows in place.
Option 2: Windows can be installed over exterior trim boards, and then interior trim can be used for finishing purposes.
Option 3: Windows can be recessed into openings to accommodate the installation of an exterior railing.

Sunspace Porch Window Installation

  1. Remove the packaging and pre-drill holes along the window sashes. Apply silicone to the back of the window flanges.
  2. Center and align the window frame in the opening. Secure each corner by fastening a screw.
  3. Use shims if necessary to ensure consistent width in the middle of the window, avoiding an “hourglass” shape that can result in loose window panels.
  4. Secure the sides of the window with screws at each meeting rail (refer to the Outside view diagram).
  5. Fasten the header and sill with a single screw in the middle.
  6. If needed, tighten the screen by removing the spline on one vertical side. Pull the screen tight and insert the spline. Trim any excess screen, taking care not to damage the splines.
  7. Test the operation of the window panels and adjust the frames as needed.
  8. If the window panels are too loose and do not stay in place, gain additional tension by shimming the frames closer together.
Installation instructions

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