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Welcome to Sunspace of Central Ohio ! We specialize in creating custom-designed porch enclosures, patio cover and doors that are built to extend the enjoyment of your indoor/outdoor living space.

From Porch Windows & Doors, Porch Fill-Ins, Sunrooms, Deck/Patio covers and Decks/Railing, our customers receive an exceptional product with outstanding customer service from the staff at Sunspace of Central Ohio. We offer the guidance on the design of your project with the multiple color and tint options available to enhance the features of your home with the WeatherMaster windows, doors, acrylic roofs, and Sunroom in the highest quality of products options to choose from. Sunspace of Central Ohio is member of the BIA Association, proudly serving the Central Ohio area for the last 10 years.

Sunrooms: Unleashing Your Outdoor Living Paradise

Sunspace provides opportunities to expand your living space through porch enclosures and sunroom construction. These additions not only increase square footage but also offer an outdoor feel without the hassles of mosquitoes, pollen, and rain. Our deck systems are cool to the touch and resistant to rain and sun. Additionally, our roof systems allow natural light while protecting against harmful UV rays. Let us assist you in creating the perfect oasis for your home and lifestyle.


WeatherMaster Windows & Doors provide a diverse selection of tints and configurations, allowing you to control the level of sunlight and airflow in your Sunroom or Porch Enclosure. These products are exceptionally low-maintenance, adaptable, and customizable, and they are backed by a 10-year warranty from the manufacturer. With WeatherMaster, you benefit from a window and screen integrated into a single system, granting you the freedom to completely close the windows or keep them open with a full screen for safeguarding against insects. This versatile solution ensures optimal comfort and flexibility in your enclosed space, enabling you to relish the outdoors while maintaining a pleasant and bug-free environment.
WeatherMaster Window & Door - Model V4T H4T - Sunroom in a house - Sunspace Sunrooms
Our Vertical 4-Track Windows are highly popular and offer exceptional functionality for enclosing your porch. With these windows, you can easily close them to effectively keep out rain, wind, dust, pollen, and even snow.
Sunroom Model 300 - Sunspace sunrooms
Enhance your porch with Horizontal Sliding Windows. With 2, 3, or 4-panel options, enjoy smoother operation and up to 75% ventilation. Embrace the open-air ambiance and fresh breeze for an ultimate porch experience.
Sunroom with lake view - Sunspace Sunrooms
Our custom-sized Entry Doors offer in-swing or out-swing options and are built for durability. Featuring a stainless steel threshold, locking hardware, and a vertical window system, they are designed to fit openings perfectly.


Our Porch Enclosures provide a cost-effective solution to extend the functionality of your recreational areas. With the WeatherMaster Window System, you can enjoy the openness of a Screen Room while benefiting from the comfort and convenience of a Three Season Porch.

This combination creates a versatile space that allows you to embrace the outdoors while staying protected from the elements, making it perfect for year-round enjoyment.

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