4-season sunroom (Insulated)

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4-season sunroom (Insulated)

Thermal Room Walls

The 3″ foam panels with high density ensure that this room remains warm and comfortable. The heavy gauge 3″ aluminum extrusions provide robust support against wind and snow load.

Additionally, all extrusions feature commercial-grade thermal breaks, effectively reducing condensation and heat loss. The windows are equipped with high-efficiency glass and Low-E Argon gas, offering an additional layer of protection from the elements.

Patio Room Walls

The Sunspace Patio Room System is ideal for seasonal use, allowing you to enjoy your favorite seasons for an extended period of time. With high density 2″ foam panels and heavy gauge 2″ aluminum extrusions, this room ensures durability and insulation.

You can choose from a wide selection of top-quality door and window systems, allowing for customization that suits your specific needs. The room is designed to be a perfect fit for your requirements.

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Therma Deck

Therma-Deck is a pre-manufactured floor deck that offers both strength and insulation. It is available in three thickness options: 4-1/2″ thick with R17 insulation, 6-1/2″ thick with R26 insulation, and 8-1/4″ thick with R35 insulation. The panels are constructed with Engineered Oriented Strand Board sheets that sandwich the insulating core, resulting in a solid product. This eliminates the need for costly foundation work and labor-intensive installation.

The Therma-Deck comes with a finished surface, making it ready to receive the final flooring, such as carpet, tile, laminates, or hardwood. Its inherent strength also allows it to be used as a roofing product, accommodating shingles on the exterior and various interior ceiling finishes. For more information on Therma-Deck products and their applications, please consult your dealer.

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